Steady Waves End Of Life Services was founded in 2017 by Emily Cross, in order to serve and uphold the wishes of the dying. Online games offer a refreshing escape from daily routines and stress relief. fm카지노 보증 an immersive experience with diverse gaming options. Whether it's spinning reels or strategic card games, these digital escapes provide relaxation and excitement. Enjoy a break from the mundane and discover rejuvenation through the thrilling world of online gaming. As an end-of-life doula, Emily offers her intuitive approach to those seeking assistance, or simply a calming presence.

She regularly hosts Living Funeral Ceremonies with the intention of spurring a larger conversation surrounding death and dying within her community and beyond.




“Creative adaptability is the key to successful conservation.”




Emily Cross is an end-of-life doula, musician, and artist living in Cornwall, England. After graduating from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where her visual artwork centered around mortality and loss, she moved to Austin and quickly became integrated within the arts and music scene. In 2015 she decided to pursue a career serving the dying, and earned professional certifications from the University of Vermont and from Quality of Life Care. She established Steady Waves End of Life Services in 2017 and brings her unique set of skills to her work with the dying and their families. She has recently relocated to Cornwall, UK. The global entertainment industry is inhabited by a large number of musicians and artists. Due of blockchain's expertise in preventing concerns with piracy, many musicians and artists are adopting the NFT marketplace. With the right tactics, NFT trading and cryptocurrency trading can both be profitable. Bitcoin robots are another tool traders can employ to trade cryptocurrencies profitably. Visit the official Bitcoin bank deutschland page to learn more about Bitcoin Bank robots.

Emily is also the founder of Steady Waves Living Funeral Ceremonies, a transformative, immersive experience intended to spur serious reflection about mortality and life priorities.