Fifteen-minute phone and Skype initial consultations are complimentary!

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Services are priced on a sliding scale, depending on the client's personal budget. This is an honor system that is in place to ensure services to anyone in need, regardless of financial status. Please get in touch to discuss rates that will best fit your current situation.

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Calls are best suited for, but are not limited to, clients who are outside of the city of Austin. Grief support, end of life planning and logistics, active dying and after-death care education, home funeral advising, and themed/green funeral planning are all possible over the phone or Skype. 


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End of life planning & logistics meeting

I work with my clients to create tailor-made plans for the end of life and achieve desired goals. This meeting occurs within a client's space or a neutral location of their choice. The meeting covers all documents needed, going over an end-of-life questionnaire and connecting with hospice or medical care providers. This meeting may also cover vigil planning, legacy project support, and the planning of rituals and ceremonies.

$75/hr plus travel outside of 10 mile radius.


EOL support visits

These are general in-home or facility visits for the client and their loved ones. As an end-of-life doula I provide practical, personal, spiritual, and emotional support to people who are dying. I provide non-medical support and will help you work closely with the medical hospice in your area.


EOL support visit packages:

4-hour: $325

6-hour: $500

These visits can take on many forms, but can include the following:

-Mediation and advocacy - honoring and protecting the dying

-Comfort care - creating a sacred space, reaching and retaining comfort through non-medical means

-Emotional and spiritual support for the dying and their loved ones

-Respite for caregivers

-Light tidying and household tasks

-Art and music therapy

-Vigil support


Home Funeral Services & Green Burials

Home funerals can offer a great deal of healing for families who choose this route. They can be customized to suit the beloved's personal style, and go along at a pace that feels comfortable for everyone involved. This package includes the planning and execution of the day's events honoring the beloved. It includes the washing, dressing, posing and cooling of the deceased. Family participation is encouraged, ( though not required ) and education will be offered to ensure a smooth and peaceful ceremony.


Services for pets:



Pre-mortem Funeral Ceremony Package

Pre-mortem or pre-death funeral ceremonies are growing in popularity as people are wanting to attend their own life celebrations. This package includes the planning of the celebration with the client and their loved ones. It also includes day-of-ceremony support and supervision of events.



Living Funeral Ceremony

This ceremony is a 3-hour long experience which focuses on turning towards one's own mortality. Participants are faced with their own memorial, are told to write their last words, and then are lead through a death visualization. It is a truly transformative journey, bringing a new outlook on life as a whole. For more in-depth information about living funeral ceremonies, click HERE.