The ceremony is a 2 to 3-hour long experience ( dependent on number of participants ) which focuses on turning towards one's own mortality. Participants are faced with their own memorial, are told to write their last words, and then are lead through a death visualization. It is a truly transformative journey, bringing a new outlook on life as a whole. To be notified of upcoming ceremonies, please enter your e-mail in the form below, or CLICK HERE to view the calendar.

I felt like afterward there was a lot of love in the air. Everyone felt really warm feelings, which is something I hadn’t expected.
This was the first time I’ve done anything like this. I had no idea what to everything I was writing and voicing was very immediate. I felt like it was easy to just talk about what was on my mind because there was nothing else to lose. It was comfortable.
...Their words became my words in the way that their thoughts were sort of my thoughts. There was a blurred distinction between what I was experiencing and what they were experiencing. Ultimately, it lead to this kind of...universality...

Living Funeral Ceremony Rates

Group ceremony: $50/person, limited to 15 people.

Private Living Funeral

Private ceremony: $150 flat rate in the space of your choosing. A private location is available if you do not wish to provide the space. Limited to 4 participants.

Online booking is for private Living Funerals Ceremonies in Austin, TX and 50 miles surrounding. Please e-mail for other options if you are not in Austin.

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Team-Building Events

I offer living funerals to business and corporations as team-building exercises! Please click here to view the team-building information PDF. For more information, please e-mail me at

Living Funeral Practitioner training

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